Garbage Collection

Regular Household Garbage:  Normal pickup is every Wednesday. Only one container is allowed per household. Additional containers are available for $20/month each. Please have carts curbside the night before service day.

Monthly Recycling: Normal collection is every 2nd Monday of each month. Recycle material includes Aluminum (cans, foil, pie pans – no food residue; Books (text, hard or soft cover); Cardboard; Cartons (juice, milk, soup cartons; Chipboard & SBS Board (cereal, snack shoe boxes); Glass Bottles & Jars, Paper (mail, magazines, newspaper, phone books, office paper); Plastic (bottles & containers #1, #2, #3 & #5. Please have carts curbside the night before service day.

Overflow trash: If you have household trash that will not fit in the container, please bag and place on top of the trash container.  Consider purchasing an additional container if you have more household trash than will fit in one.

Leaves:  Bagged leaves are only picked up during the Fall of the year (October, November, December). Please consider using them for mulch or natural areas.

Limbs and Shrubs:  The Town collects limbs and shrub cuttings as-needed or requested. Individual limbs and cuttings must be no larger than 4" in diameter and no longer than 6'. The cuttings must be placed neatly at the curbside (not in the roadway or blocking the sidewalk) with all limbs in the same direction. Logs, tree trunks and any cuttings larger than allowed must be disposed of by the property owner or occupant. Any cuttings not generated by the owner/occupant or those generated by a professional lawn service or tree service will not be collected by the Town.

Bulk Pickup: Bulk items (couches, furniture, bedding, cardboard) will be collected as needed. Call Town Hall to arrange a pickup (usually Mondays).

Construction, Automotive and Appliances:  The following is not picked up and is the responsibility of the citizens for proper disposal (at the County landfill):  TVs, electronics, white goods, appliances, tires, construction debris, lumber, plywood, batteries, automobile parts, etc